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Known for its fruit sweet flavors and low alcohol content, Moscato is one of the most popular sweet wines in the Philippines. Made from the Muscat grape, it’s also referred to as Moscato d’Asti when produced in its main region of Asti, Italy. When red grapes are added to the blend of this sweet white wine, it is called Pink Moscato. Browse our curated selection of Moscato wine today and enjoy nationwide shipping and Metro Manila same-day delivery.


Made from the Muscat (also known as Muscat Blanc) grape—one of the oldest varieties in the world—Moscato is grown around the world, with each region producing its own style of this sweet wine. There’s Moscato wine that is sparkling or still, white or pink: what they all have in common is that these traditionally white wines are sweet and have low alcohol content. 2And regardless of the style, Moscato is one of the most popular wines in the Philippines today. 

Because of its sweet flavors, Moscato is the way many Filipino drinkers get into wine—it’s a relatively versatile white wine that works at any point in your meal (as an aperitif, with food, as a dessert wine) and with many kinds of dishes (even spicy ones!). 

That said, makes it easier for budding Filipino wine drinkers to jump into the world of wine by curating the best selection of Moscato wines in the Philippines. This includes styles found all over the world, including the famous Moscato d’Asti from Piedmont, Italy—known for being a light-bodied sweet wine with tropical fruit flavors and a light carbonation (called frizzante). Excellent examples are the Cinzano Asti DOCG and Massolino Moscato D’Asti.

Moscato wine doesn’t just come from Italy, but countries like Australia, Spain, Chile, and the United States. This includes budget-friendly examples like Gato Negro Moscato, Yellow Tail Pink Moscato, Barefoot Moscato, Sutter Home Moscato, Wolf Blass Yellow Label Moscato, and Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato.

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What does Moscato taste like?
Moscato comes in many different styles, but what they all have in common is that they are all a sweet wine typically with flavors of peach and orange blossom and with a low level of alcohol. In many regions, they are produced frizzante, or with light bubbles. Because of its sweetness, Moscato is commonly enjoyed as a dessert wine—and is one of the most popular wines in the Philippines. 

What regions are known for Moscato?
Asti in Piedmont, Italy is the most famous region for Moscato—and if it comes from there, it is called Moscato d’Asti, or will be marked by the Asti DOCG classification. Moscato d’Asti is produced frizzante, and is known for its sweet tropical fruit flavors.

While there are no other singular regions known for Moscato, this sweet white wine has become popular to produce in countries such as Australia and the United States.

Moscato - an Italian name for Muscat Blanc — is one of the oldest grapes in the world. It is grown around the world, with each region producing its own style of Moscato wine. You’ll find Moscato that is sparkling, pink, still, red or black, and dessert wine. But what they all have in common is their sweet flavor and low alcohol content.

This is what makes Moscato a relatively versatile white wine in that it works at any point in your meal — as an aperitif, to enjoy with food, or as a dessert wine. Not only can Moscato wine handle light chicken, fish, BBQ pork, fruits, desserts but it can also handle spicy foods. So even though it is historically known as a dessert wine, it in fact pairs well with many asian dishes.

Although it isn’t as popular in the Philippines as other wines, we at believe many Filipinos will love this white wine. The team have crafted together a selection of different Moscato wine styles that are of high-quality and good-value. These are perfect for those who want a wine that will help balance out the spice in their foods and for those who have a sweet tooth.

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