Pinot Noir Wine

One of the most popular light-bodied red wines, Pinot Noir is native to Burgundy but is grown and produced worldwide in regions like California, New Zealand, and Australia. Drinking Pinot Noir wine you’ll often taste notes of cherry, raspberry, hibiscus, and clove. We think Pinot Noir will become a popular red wine choice in the Philippines for its versatility with food pairings, pairing well with duck, chicken, pork, and mushroom dishes.

Enjoy Delicate Light-Bodied Pinot Noir in the Philippines

Pinot Noir is one of the most popular light-bodied red wines in the world, that is both delicate and complex. Exhibiting a flavor profile of red fruits, flowers, spice aromas and ending with a long and smooth finish, Pinot Noir is growing in popularity in the Philippines. Its flavors combined with high acidity and lower tannins make this red wine perfect to pair with a variety of dishes.

French Pinot Noir wines are known to be more earthy and floral, exhibiting forest floor flavors. This earthy element is what makes this French variety fantastic with mushrooms. We recommend a grilled salmon with teriyaki shiitake. California Pinot Noir wines on the other hand are more fruity and rich. Think of sweet BBQ dishes like BBQ chicken or even char siu pork. Fuller-bodied Pinot Noir wines can also pair well with Indian curry dishes.

Quick tip: check the alcohol content to determine whether it will be a lighter or fuller bodied wine. Anything below 13% is typically lighter-bodied, whereas anything above 13% is typically heavier-bodied. Simply match the body of the wine to the food you’re pairing it with and you should have a perfect pairing every time, taking into account flavors of course.

So what is the best Pinot Noir in the world? If you like more fruity wines, look for Pinot Noirs from Napa Valley, New Zealand, or Chile. If you like more earthy flavors, look for Pinot Noirs from France. But the only way to truly find out which one is the best, is to try different varieties yourself. After all, everyone’s tastes in wines are unique. Browse our selection of Pinot Noir wines above, curated for wine drinkers in the Philippines and enjoy secure nationwide delivery.