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Brewed like a beer but drinks like a wine, what’s not to love about sake. Created for special occasions, sake can be enjoyed at any temperature and pairs best with good company and good food. Browse our range of sake brands in the Philippines and discover new and old favorites at the best prices online.

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While sometimes referred to as sake wine, sake in fact has more in common with beer, although it does drink like wine. It's brewed using sake mai rice, water, a mold, and yeast. Depending on how polished the rice being used is, determines the category of sake. 

Knowing what quality sake you have will help determine the serving temperature: traditionally, only the finest sake was served cold while serving sake warm will help hide any unwanted flavors. Of course, with today's improved production techniques, the quality of sake is more consistent and you can serve it your preferred temperature. In terms of food, sake, like wine, can pair with a whole range of foods depending on its flavor. Traditionally, however, sake is enjoyed on its own and at special occassions. But, don't let that stop you enjoying it whenever you want. 

So, if you were wondering where to buy sake, you've come to the right place. Shop our range of sake above to discover old and new favorites. Enjoy secure online checkouts with delivery options anywhere in the Philippines.