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One of the most popular white wines in the world, Sauvignon Blanc has its origins in Bordeaux but it was New Zealand that introduced it worldwide. Loved for its green herbal flavors and high acidity, Sauvignon Blanc wines are crisp and refreshing: a perfect white wine for the Philippines. Browse our selection of Sauvignon Blanc white wines from France, California, Australia, and Chile today and enjoy nationwide delivery.

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Loved for its crispness and green herbal flavors, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular white wines. Interestingly, it’s the parent grape to the much loved red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon. This is why you’ll often find green characteristics — produced from compounds called Methozypyrazines — when sipping on a glass of Cab Sauv. On the nose, Sauvignon Blanc has strong notes that range from cut grass, peas, asparagus to tropical and ripe passion fruit, grapefruit, and even mango. On the palate you’ll find these similar flavors as well as some gooseberry, honeydew, or white peach.

When it comes to pairing Sauvignon Blanc wine with food, we recommend matching the green flavors. In other words, pair this wine with foods that are herb-driven and light such as chicken, tofu, or fish. We also think this wine pairs well with Asian cuisine, particularly dishes from Vietnam and Thailand. Another trick is to make regional matches between where the wine is from and the food. Originally, Sauvignon Blanc was grown and produced in France, largely in the Loire Valley where the cool climate produces wine that is fruity, tart, and has good acidity. However, today you’ll find this wine produced worldwide. New Zealand — who arguably gave Sauvignon Blanc worldwide notoriety — produces concentrated, complex, and balanced wines where the citrus is more focused (try the Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc for a quintessential expression of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc). In South Africa, you’ll find Sauvignon Blanc that is zesty, grassy, and has grapefruit notes. The USA, Chile, and Australia are other notable wine regions that produce this light-bodied white wine.

You might also come across wines called Fumé Blanc from American wineries. These were created by Robert Mondavi as an attempt to replicate the flavors of French Pouilly-Fumé (a Sauvignon Blanc that has notes of gunflint and is slightly softer and richer than other French expressions of this wine) by barrel aging Sauvignon Blanc, a wine that is typically only aged in stainless steel tanks. Another name for Sauvignon Blanc wines comes from France who called wine produced from these grapes Sancerre — the area they were grown in. Ready to explore the world of Sauvignon Blanc white wines and their different characteristics?

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