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Both meaning “burnt liquor”, soju and shochu have many similarities yet at the same time are truly distinct. One is a clear spirit originating from Korea, the other from Japan, but both offer a unique drinking experience. Discover and shop your favorite soju and shochu brands below, delivered to you anywhere in the Philippines.
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Soju and shochu have deservadly gained popularity in the Philipines. While the etymoloy of both words means "burnt liquor", a reference to the distillation process involved in producing each spirity, they are unique in their own ways. One originating from Korea is loved for its neutral flavor as well as its sweeter, flavored versions with a relatively low alcohol content. The other from Japan is loved for the intricacies that go into producing it. 

Traditionally made with rice, but as this was banned during the Korean War, distillers used other grains and starches and today you can find soju created from rice, wheat, sweet  potatoes, and even tapioca. It's most often enjoyed straight, but like wine, it can also be enjoyed with food or used in your favorite cocktails. Generally, it has a neutral flavor like vodka, but with a lower alcohol content so it's less harsh on the palate. 

Shochu, on the other hand, originates from Japan and is most often made from sweet potato (imo-jochu), barley (mugi-jochu), or rice (kome-jochu). While soju can have flavors and sweetness added, the rules for shochu are much stricter. There is a legal framework that defines and regulates its production. It is because of this that shochu is often purer and higher in alcohol making it great on the rocks or cut with spring water and ice, warm water, or mixed into oolong tea for a refreshing highball. 

The first written mention of shochu was graffiti on a 16th century shrine in Japan in which carpenters complained that the high priest wouldn't share any with them. Luckily today there is no need for vandalism. Shop shochu and soju online in the Philippines and enjoy secure  checkouts and nationwide delivery