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A clear distilled spirit known for lacking a distinct taste, vodka is one of the most versatile liquors there are. Depending on the brand or on the style of vodka, you can enjoy this on its own over ice, as a shot, or mixed into one of your favorite cocktails. Shop our vodka selection below to stock up on one of these bar essentials. Order your vodka online to enjoy the best prices in the Philippines and nationwide shipping.

Discover Different Vodka Brands in the Philippines

Typically described as tasteless, vodka is produced in a similar way to gin where the difference lies in the addition of botanicals to gin. Vodka on the other hand stays neutral, with only the addition of water to help lower the alcohol content. This is how distillers achieve the neutral taste and smooth finish in vodka. Despite this lack of flavor, different vodka brands have stylistic differences. Much like different brands of water, different brands of vodka have a different texture - or mouthfeel - on the tongue and slight flavor variations that you can notice the more you taste different vodkas.

Heat of the vodka is another defining characteristic. Similar to how we detect alcohol in wine, the heat of vodka can be felt on the tongue or back of the throat when you drink vodka straight. This is one way to tell the quality of the vodka, with higher quality vodka’s having a more subtle and smooth finish.

Traditionally, vodka has been drunk straight either on the rocks, neat, or as a shot. However, its lack of strong flavors makes it a popular ingredient for a variety of cocktails. In fact, it can be used in place of gin in several drinks such as Vodka Soda, Vodka Tonic, and Vodka Martini. Vodka also allows other flavors to shine in cocktails such as a Bloody mary, Cosmopolitan, and Screwdriver.

Browse our selection of vodka brands above and get ready to stock up your bar. We recommend having different options for different needs. Use more affordable options when you’re making heavily flavored mixed drinks and use the top-shelf vodka for your Martini, Vodka Soda, or to enjoy on its own. Shop and order online today and enjoy our secure online checkout with shipping options anywhere in the Philippines.