Safely store your wines at the perfect temperature with high-quality and beautifully-designed wine chillers. Think of them as your portable wine cellar that will help maintain a balanced temperature for your wines, especially with the hotter temperatures we face in the Philippines. Order your perfect wine chiller today and receive a complimentary e-Voucher to help fill your chiller with wine.
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Preserve and Age Your Wine Safely with a High-Quality Wine Chiller

Some wines need extra time to mature and the safest and most reliable way to do this is to store them in a wine chiller, or wine fridge. Especially in the Philippines where we have high temperatures and high humidity, it’s even more important to store our wines properly. After all, we don’t want any of our purchased wines to go to waste.

But why a wine chiller and not just a regular fridge? The answer lies in humidity and vibrations. Regular refrigerators are designed to keep out humidity whereas wine chillers maintain a set humidity level, which is important in helping wine age properly. It’s particularly important for wine bottles with cork as the correct humidity helps prevent any damages to the cork. Wine chillers are also designed to have minimal vibrations. This is to prevent any additional chemical reactions from occuring within your wine bottles that can happen as sediment within the bottle moves around.

This is why we offer the best wine chillers on Not only do we want to help you store your wine safely, but we want to offer you reliable and sturdy wine chillers so nothing goes to waste. This is because we believe you deserve wine at its peak. Wine that has aged enough where the full flavor potential is achieved. While wine chillers are an investment, your current and future self will thank you — especially when you go to open a bottle of wine a year after you originally purchased it to find its flavors perfectly balanced and unharmed from the high temperatures we experience in the Philippines. So if you’re ready to show off your wine collection in style, add a wine chiller to your shopping list. All of our wine chillers come with a 1 year warranty and a e-Voucher to help you fill your chiller with your favorite wines.