Wines from Australia

A home for bold red wines and delicate white wines, wine from Australia can be truly fantastic. Although best known for their Shiraz (the Australian version of Syrah), Australia also produces great Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs, Rieslings, and Chardonnays. Explore our selection of wines from Australia curated for wine drinkers in the Philippines from top regions such as Barossa Valley and Margaret River.

Explore Great-Quality Wine from Australia at Best Prices in the Philippines

Wine from Australia may often be overlooked as a new world wine that is cheap and not always the most complex. However, we at believe there is much more to offer Filipino wine drinkers when it comes to Australian wine. From deep and bold Shiraz (the Australian Syrah) wines to delicious Chardonnay wines, there are a range of wines from Australia that we think suit the Philippines.

Within Australia there are several wine producing regions, however, the best ones are found in the south of the country. In Western Australia there’s Margaret River and Great Southern where you’ll find age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Riesling and Chardonnay. South Australia, where it’s more dry and hot you’ll find Barossa Valley — with some of the oldest vineyards in the world — which is a predominantly red wine region. Then in Victoria you’ll find a colorful selection of wine varieties from plump Pinot Noir to delicious Shiraz and fortified dessert wines. New South Wales, in particular Hunter Valley, is known for more delicate and age-worthy white wines whilst Tasmania, physically separated from the mainland, has temperate climates where fantastic sparkling wines are produced.

So no matter your tastes in wine, we believe there is an Australian wine for you. We have curated a selection from well-known wineries as well as more boutique wineries to offer a wide selection of the best wines from Australia for te Philippine market. Browse the selection today and discover the wonderful range of red wines, white wines, and sparkling wines that Australian wine regions have to offer.