Yellow Tail

This is arguably the first wine that put Australia on the wine-lovers map. Yellow Tail, originating from a small country town of Yenda, Australia, is loved worldwide for being a truly approachable wine that can be enjoyed by everyone. Shop our range of Yellow Tail wines, from the Cabernet Sauvignon to the Pink Moscato, today and enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines.

Buy Yellow Tail Wine in the Philippines

Yellow Tail is all about creating great tasting, quality wines for everyone to enjoy. It all started in 1957 when Filippo and Maria Casella migrated from Sicily to Australia. They wanted to create a wine that would bring family and friends together no matter the occasion, opening their first winery in 1969. Flash forward to 2001, John Casella continued the family tradition in developing wines that could be fun, easy to choose, easy to drink, and easy to understand.

That’s how Yellow Tail began: combining Italian passion for wine with a modern Australian attitude. Today, it’s enjoyed around the globe for its variety and accessibility amongst wine lovers and those just starting their wine journey. By never compromising on quality or taste, this is a wine that brings people together.

Shop the range of Yellow Tail wines above and find your perfect style. From the zingy and refreshing Moscato to the fresh and crip Sauvignon Blanc to the vibrant and rich Shiraz — there really is something for everyone. Order your wine today and enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines with nationwide shipping options.