Customer Guarantee

We promise to always sell you great wine at a great price, every time. We believe that if you pay more, quality should be higher, if you want a more affordable ‘quaffer’ wine for Tuesday night in front of the TV, we want to provide you that too. We don’t believe in sourcing big ‘brand’ name wines, many of whom just trade on their name. When you buy from us, you can be assured that we’ve already assessed whether a wine is good value for money at the price – it wont be in our range if it is not.

We believe in price transparency, and that the cheapest place to buy wine is ‘at the cellar door’. If you buy from our online store, we guarantee this will be the cheapest place in Manila to buy the wine.

We stand by our quality and if you ever feel a wine was not of high quality and value for money, we’ll replace it or refund it, no questions asked though your feedback is highly welcomed – after all our goal is to find you a wine you DO like. We only require that the bottle you would like to return be at least half full and reported to us within thirty (30) days of delivery.