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Delight customers and improve your bottom line with our global selection of quality wines that will fit any budget or menu. Our valued Hotel and Restaurant partners enjoy great value for money, ordering convenience and rapid resupply on low MOQs. Avoid stockouts with the largest range in the Philippines from our direct import range and our network of import partners - we never run out. Our dedicated wine sales team can assist you from adding some interesting new wines to the menu, to creating an entire wine menu that will help you stand out from the competition.

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Why we're the right Partner for your Hotel, Restaurant and F&B needs?



At Winery Philippines, we pride ourselves at being able to sell great wines at unbeatable prices. Being an online-only business allows us to pass a huge amount of value back to our restaurant and cafe customers in Manila and across the Philippines.

We have a wide selection of quality red wines, white wines, and sparkling wines that we believe are some of the best wines available in Manila. If you’re a restaurant, hotel, or cafe looking to introduce wines into your menu, or if you already have an existing wine menu and want to diversify the menu with outstanding wine from Australia, Chile, USA, France and Italy, then you’re in the right place. Our Head Sommelier has personally curated each and every wine in our range — we absolutely do not sell wine that we haven’t tasted personally and vouch to be of outstanding quality. We always make sure to partner only with boutique wineries that are passionate about producing and selling great wines, so we can guarantee that every bottle included in our selection are some of the best wine in the Philippines.

So if you’re a Hotel or Restaurant F&B Manager looking for a reliable wholesale wine distributor, or a restaurateur looking to diversify by offering a wine menu, you can rest assured that Winery Philippines will be able to help you through our hand-picked and curated wine selections, unbeatable wine pricing, stellar customer service, and just downright great wines at great prices.

All our wines are kept in our air conditioned warehouse, and our online only model means we can ensure minimal handling and quick transport of the wines. We predominantly stock wine in modern Stelvin bottle caps, which is superior for long term cellaring and eliminates the risk of wine corkage or oxidization, especially in the tropics. Get in touch with us today for your wholesale wine supply requirements.