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Quality and boutique wines for your special day - Pre-wedding wine tasting - Sponsor gifts and giveaways

Ordering wines for your wedding or celebration can be daunting, but we make buying wine for your big day easy, fun and affordable. Book a pre-wedding wine tasting to personally select your wines from among our global range - we are sure to have the right wines for your food menu - and your budget. Order with confidence with our flexible consignment options to ensure you don't run out on your special day. Need gifts for sponsors, or as giveaways - order beautifully giftwrapped wines in a breeze.

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Why we're the right Partner for your event needs


We believe that having wine is always a good idea, and as we form the first online community of passionate drinkers in Manila (and possibly, all over the Philippines), we found that every occasion becomes better when you include a few bottles of wine! Drinking alone can be pleasurable in its own way but drinking wine in the Philippines becomes a more wonderful and enjoyable experience when it is shared with people you love and care about. This is the very reason why we decided to include a full service wine bar in our offerings.

Whether you’re having a birthday party, anniversary, reunion, a grand wedding or a simple, friendly gathering at home, you can avail of our beautifully styled wine bar that includes a server, wine glasses, and your wines of choice. Nothing speaks luxury more than having your own private wine tasting event! You may choose from our wide selection of red, white, and sparkling wines or you may have one of our trained staff to help you choose the right bottles for your event. You may even book a certified sommelier to be present during your event to help you and your guests learn about wine, including the best ways to drink, and how to choose wine for your meals.

While there are many mobile and wine bars for hire around Manila, we set ourselves apart by guaranteeing that all our wines are meticulously screened for quality and are properly stored prior to customer’s purchase. Giving our fellow passionate drinkers immediate access to quality wine will always be our first priority, as we know that many have been duped by watered down mixed drinks and sub-par bar service. At Winery Philippines, we don’t just aim to be a the best wine store in Manila but we also hope to be the most trusted online channel and to give easy access to wine education to Filipino wine lovers and enthusiasts. Wine is always best shared and Winery Philippines hope to help jazz up your events, and give your dear friends and family a good time.