Ballantines 15 YO (Glentaucher) 700ml



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Country of Origin: Scotland
Liquor Type: Whiskey
Alcohol / ABV %: 40%
Size: 700ml

Description / Tasting Notes

One of the Single Malts hidden within Ballantine�s is made in Glentauchers Distillery � known for its traditional pagoda chimneys. This distillery provides Ballantine�s Blends their distinct long-lasting Finish. Glentauchers comes from one of the last manual distilleries in all of Scotland. Which means every bottle and every drop of Glentauchers is made by the strength of hand wielded tools. �

Established in 1898, knowledge has been passed down for generations. The distillery still practices traditional manual methods of making Scotch whisky using traditional tools and techniques to develop flavours that can�t easily be achieved through an automated process. This is why Glentauchers has undertones of soft raspberry, a flavour which is very unusual for a Speyside Single Malt.�

There�s something special about knowing the craftsmanship and family passion that�s gone into creating this Single Malt.
Tasting Notes
TASTE: The Glentauchers Single Malt delivers the smooth and delicate lingering finish of a Ballantine�s blend. With hints of soft berries and barley sugar sweets on the palate.
FINISH: An incredibly long, luscious finish.

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