Marcobarba Barbabianca Garganega 2021




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Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Veneto
Type: White Wine
Grape Variety: Garganega
Vintage: 2021
Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 11.5%
Body: Light
Sweetness: Dry

Winemaker / Tasting Notes

Made from lovingly grown, biodynamic Garganega and a smattering of mixed indigenous grapes in Veneto, Italy, this lemon-lime colored, skin-contact white wine evolves deliciously and shows different sides of its personality as you enjoy it. Fresh aromas of elderflower, wet grass, and flint lure you in. As you first sip, you are energized with the wine's refreshing brightness and lively notes of green and citrus fruits. Then in your mouth you experience a rich savory texture giving way to a grippy finish that leaves you wanting for more. 11.5% abv. Reminds us of: Grapefruit. Lemon Zest. Elderflower. Nuts. Flint. Wet grass.

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