The Odd Gin Original Dry

Oskar Davidsen Danish



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Country of Origin: Denmark
Liquor Type: Gin
Alcohol / ABV %: 38.0%
Size: 700ml

Description / Tasting Notes

The O.D.D. Gin Original Dry is the perfect choice for a classic GT. This gin can match any type of tonic or lemon. In a classic cocktail The O.D.D. Gin Original Dry can easily compete with the expensive craft-gins and take things back to basics. The fruity notes in this gin will complement a classic dry martini or a gin sour superbly. In the nose is juniper and sweet lemon. On the palate are defined characteristics of a dry gin with a touch of wood followed by deliciously prickling juniper and light fruity notes. The O.D.D. Gin Original Dry has a significant finish with juniper and a touch of clove and black pepper.

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