5 Philippine Local Craft Beers You Need To Try
September 18, 2023

5 Philippine Local Craft Beers You Need To Try

As the ber months roll in and the additional anticipation for Oktoberfest begins to heat up, it's time to bring out a staple favorite of every filipino: Ice-cold beers. Locally, the beer scene is ever-growing with an impressive range of brews that are perfect for the season.

Here at Winery.ph, we bring to you the creatively distinct flavors and stories behind these Philippine craft beers that are sure to make your Oktoberfest and holiday celebrations more meaningful and enjoyable.

Three Foxes Raspberry Wheat Ale 

Let's kick off with Three Foxes Raspberry Wheat Ale, a beer that adds a touch of Filipino flair to any table. Imagine a refreshing wheat ale infused with the vibrant flavors of juicy raspberries followed by notes of florals. This brew not only boasts a captivating amber color but also carries the fruitiness you'd crave for in a wheat ale. It's a fantastic choice for those who want a hint of fruity sweetness in their beer.

Engkanton Mango Nation at Winery.phEngkanto Mango Nation Hazy IPA 

Engkanto's Mango Nation Hazy IPA is a tribute to the Philippines' love for mangoes. Who doesn't love mangoes? This hazy IPA is like a taste of our proud islands in every sip. With its hazy appearance and juicy mango notes with hints of lime, coconut, and tangerine, it offers a unique twist on the classic IPA. This beer is a an ideal balance of crisp and sweet as a representation of the Philippines' tropical islands making for a perfect bottle to share for any Filipino gathering

Engkanto High Hive Honey Ale 

Looking for a beer that would make you say "it's good, it's not too sweet", knowing very well that it's meant to be a compliment? Look no further than Engkanto's High Hive Honey Ale, infused with honey sourced from local apiaries and farms, allowing for a subtle sweetness after every sip. It's a harmonious blend of malty richness and the sweetness of our native honey. This beer is not just a drink; it's a lip-smacking delight that brings satisfaction, making it a versatile choice for your next drinking session.

Three Foxes Porter

For those who appreciate a darker and more robust brew, Three Foxes Porter delivers. This beer offers a deep, mahogany-colored experience with hints of roasted malts, coffee, and chocolate undertones. It's a hearty choice for those seeking a bold and flavorful beer experience that's perfect for the festive season.

Crazy Carabao Golden Ale at Winery.ph

Crazy Carabao Golden Ale

How could we make a list of local beers without adding in a classic Golden Ale. Crazy Carabao's Golden Ale brings a touch of Filipino warmth with its smooth and easy-drinking profile. Balanced maltiness and subtle hop character make it a crowd-pleaser that suits both seasoned beer enthusiasts and newcomers. This beer is further proof to just how much passion and work Filipinos put in when it comes to their brewing expertise and craftsmanship.

So, as we gear up for Oktoberfest and the incoming holidays, why not explore the vibrant and diverse world of Philippine craft beers? These unique offerings showcase our rich culture, creativity, and innovation in brewing. Whether you're sharing them with friends or savoring them solo, these beers are a delightful addition to your Oktoberfest festivities. Check out all of these proudly Pinoy craft beers at Winery.ph along with over 2,500 more wines and liquors to choose from. Here's to raising our glasses, celebrating Filipino craftsmanship, and making this Oktoberfest one to remember!