Engkanto High Hive Honey Ale 330mL (4 Pack)


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Country of Origin: Philippines
Beer Style: Honey Ale
Producer: Engkanto
Alcohol / ABV %: 5.1%
Volume: 330ml

Tasting Notes

A golden ale that's remarkably smooth and subtly sweet, High Hive Honey Ale is brewed with pure and all-natural honey from local apiaries and farms. The careful combination of hand-selected and imported ingredients in the brewing process provide light floral honey notes and balanced bitterness in this medium-bodied beer.

Sip and experience lip-smacking delight satisfaction from our honey ale all by itself or enjoy it with strongly flavored foods such as spicy Mexican dishes, Kare-kare, smoked meats, grilled chicken, or tangy cheese to complement their richness.

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