should you chill your wine before drinking?
May 14, 2021

Wine: To Chill or Not to Chill, That is the Question

As wine drinkers we are aware of some incontrovertible wine related truths such as “Ice cubes with wine are a no-no” or “You don’t need mixers with your wine” and many others that may or may not be relevant to you or the general wine drinking public. While we’ve said again and again that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to drinking wine, there are some recommendations that we feel will never go out of style. 

One wine rule that we’ve all read at one time or another is that red wine should always be served at “room temperature”. Likewise, white wine should always be chilled before serving. Whilst we agree that white wine should be chilled, we believe red wine should be as well. After all, most wine producing countries have room temperatures much lower than what we experience here in the Philippines. 

Think about it, what is the temperature of your home on a normal day with the air conditioning off? We're guessing that on average it's somewhere in the mid to high 20's rather than the lower 20's or 10's as in the USA or in Europe. Now with that in mind, when red wine is recommended to be drank at room temperature it's this latter temperature that is being referred to. So here in the Philippines, we would definitely need to chill our red wines before drinking.

With that being said, let’s do a rundown of the main types of wine and what their best serving temperature's are. 

Sweet Wine & Sparkling Wine

Sweet or sparkling wine should be refrigerated before serving. The ideal serving temperature for these wines should be 10°C or lower: we recommend refrigerating for an hour to two before serving. Add some flair to your presentation and serve it in a pretty ice bucket to maintain this temperature. No ice bucket? Use a wine cooler.

White Wine

White wine such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and other lighter colored white wines should be served between 7-12°C , chilling it at least 1 and a half hours before serving. By chilling white wines it helps maintain the acidity as well as its fresh and crisp flavor. Chardonnay, on the other hand, considered more full-bodied in flavor, does not need to be served as cold as the other white wines on this list. Simply chill for an hour before serving to maintain the bold and fruity flavor. 

Red Wine

Red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz need to be served at room temperature (in cold countries, that is!). Therefore, refrigerating them for 30 minutes is recommended. When wine such as these are served too warm, the acid overpowers your taste buds. Chianti, Pinot Noir, and other light to medium-bodied red wines may be chilled to reach up to 16°C or for a maximum of one hour. 

While these suggestions may seem like an overwhelming amount of information to keep in mind, the most convenient way to keep wine at its ideal temperature no matter what type of wine it is, is with a wine chiller

What we love about wine chillers is that they not only keep your wine at the best temperature, they also showcase your wine collection in a sophisticated and contemporary way. Wine chillers send a clear message that you’re not only a wine lover, but you know the best way to serve wine and you also happen to have great taste in home appliances!

So to answer the question, to chill or not to chill — the answer is for us in the Philippines is yes!

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