Molded by a French winemaker and nurtured by Argentinian soil, Terrazas wines focus on high elevation grape curation. By matching specific varieties to specific altitudes, Terrazas wines range from fruit-forward to deep and complex. Discover their floral and fruity Malbec, the intense Cabernet Sauvignon, and the unique Torrontés. Buy these online today and enjoy the best prices in the Philippines with nationwide shipping.
Renowned for its masterful craftsmanship and unwavering passion, Terrazas de los Andes consistently delivers exceptional wines. View the full collection here. 

Shop Terrazas Wines in the Philippines: High Elevation Grape Curation

Terrazas’ vineyards have a long history that dates back to the 19th century with Italian, Spanish, and Italian immigrants who came to Argentina. These pioneering people combined their European winemaking techniques with the irrigation systems implemented by Inca and Huarpe people. It is this successful marriage of techniques that caught the eye of Renaud Poirier in 1952.

The then chief winemaker at Moet & Chandon, Poirier travelled to Argentina to research the potential for wine production in the country and met his match at the foot of the Andes in Mendoza. 1999 then officially saw the creation of Terrazas de los Andes, which combines all of its inherited cultures and influences to produce beautiful wines that express true national identity. Terrazas’ core wine philosophy rests on Argentina’s primary advantage of high altitude vineyards and unique soil compositions. Their mainland strip of vineyards run along the base of the Andes, lying 800-1600m above sea level. What this high elevation means is that vines are irrigated by fresh melted snow.

There are 2 main ranges from Terrazas: Altos del Plata and Reserva. The Altos del Plata range from Terrazas as a whole can be described as the fruity expression of single varietals grown at their optimum altitude in the foothills of Cordon del Plata. Under this range you can find a Chardonnay, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Reserva range is the signature of Terrazas offering an elevated drinking experience that is consistent, layered, and generous. These wines have been aged in stainless steel and oak barrels imparting an added depth and depending on the wine, will have an aging potential of up to 10 years. Within this Reserva range you’ll find a Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Torrontés. Shop the collection of Terrazas wines boave to enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines and convenient nationwide shipping options.