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Kavino Club - Share your code

Share your unique code to friends who love to drink wine.


Kavino Club - Friend signs up to our wine subscription

Your friend signs up and subscribes to any 6-month prepaid Kavino Club plan. Compare Kavino Club plans.


Kavino Club - Drink better wine with Kavino Club wine subscription

You and your friend receive a FREE wine subscription box, go on a wine adventure and drink better wine!

Q: How do I refer people to sign up for the Kavino Club?
A: It's simple! Just send them your unique code that we provide to you via email and link to our page: Or send them your unique URL which we also provide via email.

Didn't receive any emails from us? Please contact us at

Q: Who is eligible to join this referral program?

You must be a Kavino Club member to be eligible to join, refer and earn rewards. Referred friends must must use the code or the URL link. Referred friends must be a new Kavino Club member.

Q: What are my rewards?

A: Great question! If you refer and your friend signs up for at least 6 months pre-pay plan, you and your friend get a FREE WINE SUBSCRIPTION BOX, equivalent to the plan your friend had sign up to. For example, if you are currently subscribed to a Kavino Boss plan and your friend signs up for a Kavino Premier 6-month prepaid plan, you both get a FREE Kavino Premier wine subscription box.

Q: What if they don't sign up for 6 months pre-paid wine subscription?

If your friend signs up for anything below the 6-month pre-pay wine subscription, both of you'll still receive a FREE wine subscription box. The wine subscription box will be delivered after the 6th month of subscription, which means he/ she must be subscribed to the Kavino Club or must be a valid Kavino Club member for at least 6 months. 

Here is a table of the wine rewards we are offering:

Friend signs up for 6 months Pre-Pay FREE WINE SUBSCRIPTION BOX for you and your friend
Friend signs up for 12 months Pre-Pay 2 FREE WINE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES for you and your friend
Friend signs up for 3 months Pre-Pay or Pay as you go plan

FREE WINE SUBSCRIPTION BOX for you and your friend immediately after the 6th month of his/her subscription

If he/she unsubscribes, no wine subscription box will be provided, even if he/she subscribes in the next month. The subscription period must be continuous for at least 6 months.


The more friends you refer, the more WINE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES you receive! 

Q: Do my friends get any other incentive for joining the program?

A: Yes, absolutely! A FREE WINE SUBSCRIPTION BOX, just like we said above. 

Q: How many times can I use this code?

A: As many as you want!

Q: When do I get my rewards?

A: You'll get your rewards in the next month's delivery. Remember, we deliver every 24th of the month or during the week day prior to 24th if it falls on a weekend. 

Q: How else can I contact you?

Give us a call at +63 917 500 4657.






Love wine and consume it regularly? Frustrated with the amount of choices in wine stores in the Philippines and unsure whether you’re getting a really good wine? You may have ended up with sticking to the “old reliables” – red wine, white wine or sparkling wine that you have tried in the past. Nothing wrong with that – but wouldn’t you want a wine subscription service that provides hand-picked, curated and consistently great wine?

Hurray, the Kavino Club wine subscription is here!

Our monthly wine subscription box is a great way to learn about wine, discover fancier new wines & amazing wineries, and drink better wine. Expand your wine palates and taste delicious wine from top wine regions around the world with your monthly shipment of 2, 3, or 6 bottles of wine. Each bottle is highly curated for bang for buck by our sommelier. Kavino wine club offers three basic wine subscription packages and flexible payment options.

So, stop throwing away your money with “blind-purchase” supermarket wines in Phlippines, and start discovering wines that cater to your taste. Winery Philippines will take you on a wine journey across several continents and give you an opportunity to indulge in top-rated wines from the best wine producing regions across the world.

Kavino Club is the first online wine subscription service & wine delivery in the Philippines, brought to you by Winery Philippines. Sign up to the Kavino Club today.