All Saints Moscato 2015

All Saints


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Country of Origin: Australia
Region: Rutherglen
Type: White wine
Grape variety: Moscato
Vintage: 2015
Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 5.3%
Body: Light
Sweetness: Sweet

Why we love this wine:

Can be enjoyed as a sweet aperitif in the afternoon, or as a dessert wine with cream based fruit desserts, like Maja Blanca or Pinoy Fruit Salad.

Winemaker / tasting notes:

The naturally occurring spritz and sweetness in this Australian white wine are enhanced by the refreshing crisp acidity on the palate. Moscato is a wonderful anytime-in-summer drink and accompanies fresh fruits and desserts very well. Our Rutherglen region Moscato is a cheeky alternative to Sparkling Wine or Champagne as an aperitif, and is the perfect partner to lightly spiced dishes. With wonderful sweet grapey flavours, it is best to drink whilst spritzy and young. It is also the perfect partner to light blue cheese styles.

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